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Dr. Elizabeth Jean Pusey, M.D. | Board Certified  Radiologist in Newport Beach, California

Digital Mammogramy


Dr. Pusey earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; a Master of Science Degree from the University of California, Berkeley; and her Medical Degree from the University of San Francisco. She completed her internship at Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, and her interventional radiology fellowship with emphasis on breast interventional procedures at the University of California, Los Angeles.


As a small practice with an emphasis on patient care, Elizabeth Pusey, M.D., Inc. offers comprehensive breast imaging with mammogram, whole breast ultrasound, evaluation of axilla and physical exam by the radiologist, often with same day results. Patients with extensive fibrocystic breasts can be confidently monitored.


Her practice offers whole breast ultrasound as a compliment to or as a cost effective alternative to MRI. Same days referrals are accepted with convenient office hours, 8am-5pm, or as needed with arrangement.


Recognizing patients' concerns, results are discussed with the patient at the conclusion of the appointment with results available to physicians immediately after exam or within 48 hours. As a convenience to our patients, Dr. Pusey offers multiple exams that can be completed during one visit.

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